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Terms & Conditions for the CryptoSpend Referral Program
Terms & Conditions for the CryptoSpend Referral Program

Details about Terms & Conditions of the CryptoSpend Referral Program

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To be eligible for the CryptoSpend referral program, you will need to:

  • Sign up to become a user on CryptoSpend and go through our KYC verification process to get verified, if you haven't already

  • Read the referral program T&C's

  • Complete transactions on the platform for a total of $30

T&C’s for the Referral Program:

  • The referral award is AUD $10 equivalent of BTC credited to both referee and the referred upon completing the requirements outlined in these terms and conditions

  • A referral award will only be eligible to be claimed once the referred customer completes a KYC verification check on the CryptoSpend App.

  • The referral award can take up to 10 business days to be deposited into both referrer and referred users CryptoSpend accounts.

  • To claim the award, the referred must buy, sell or cash out any cryptocurrency of their choice on the platform for a total of $30, or spend a total of $30 on the CryptoSpend Visa card.

  • Cash out is only applicable to cryptocurrency, AUD cash out does not count towards the $30 threshold.

  • Expenditure on the CryptoSpend Visa card includes all available cryptocurrency and AUD.

  • The referred is allowed to make multiple eligible transactions to count towards the $30 threshold, it is not required to completed in a single transaction

  • Referrers must respect the spirit of the Program by only referring real individuals who meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions. Referrers cannot refer to themselves. For example, a Referrer may not create multiple or fake accounts with CryptoSpend or participate in the Program using multiple or fake email addresses or identities. Any and all referrals made using duplicate accounts or fake information will be void.

  • To be eligible for a referral award, both the referrer and referred must be at least 18 years of age and have a permanent address in Australia.

  • The referred must successfully complete KYC verification. CryptoSpend may withhold a referral credit if it reasonably believes any additional verification is required. CryptoSpend may also withhold or invalidate any potential awards it deems fraudulent, suspect, or in violation of these Terms. This also applies if CryptoSpend in its sole discretion believes awarding a credit or verifying and approving a transaction will impose liability on CryptoSpend, its subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents.

  • CryptoSpend reserves the right to change the operations of this referral program at any point in time. We reserve the right to amend or terminate the Program at any time, for any reason.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals a CryptoSpend customer can make. However, you are not allowed to publish referral codes commercially or abuse them in any way. Doing so can lead to the forfeiture of any accrued referral awards.

  • CryptoSpend reserves the right to terminate a user’s involvement in the Program if CryptoSpend suspects that there is some abuse of the Program.

  • The award cannot be traded, transferred or auctioned.

  • If a Referrer's account is cancelled for any reason, unredeemed awards are forfeited immediately and will not be made available for the referred.

  • Referral program awards do not count for referrals that may have been made prior to the launch of the Program.

  • By entering the referral program you agree to the Terms and Conditions detailed above, and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • CryptoSpend shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such change shall be effective immediately.

Definitions for CryptoSpend Referral program Terms and Conditions:

  • ‘Account holder’, ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the person in whose name a card account is kept and who is responsible for all transactions on the card account.

  • ‘CryptoSpend’ means CryptoSpend PTY LTD ABN 12 630 245 813

  • ‘Program’ means the CryptoSpend Referral program

  • ‘We’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ means CryptoSpend PTY LTD.

  • ‘Referral Award’ or ‘award’ means the amount awarded for the referrer and referred as part of successful claim.

  • ‘Referrer’ or ‘Referrers’ means users who refer others to the CryptoSpend app

  • ‘Referred’ or ‘Referred Customer’ means those who are referred by the Referrer

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