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Please read over the guide to find out your fees when using CryptoSpend (CS). The primary fees are outlined below. For a full list, read the Product Disclosure State on our website.

Quick Glance

CryptoSpend Fees

Other Fees


$0 AUD fee for deposit AUD and crypto



1-2% fee for buying crypto



2-3% fee for selling crypto



2-3% crypto-to-AUD conversion fee when you spend your crypto


XRP Rewards

$0 AUD


Crypto Transfer

$0 AUD fee for crypto transfer to another wallet or exchange

Network/Gas Fees

AUD Transfer

$0 AUD fee for sending AUD to another bank account


Crypto Cash Out

2-3% crypto-to-AUD conversion fee when you withdraw crypto-to-AUD to a bank account


One-off Physical Card Order Fee

$14.99 AUD for the physical card


Digital Card Fee

$0 AUD


ATM Withdrawal

2-3% crypto-to-AUD conversion fee for ATM withdrawals

ATM Fees

Card Renewal Fee (after card expiry)

$0 AUD


International Foreign Exchange Fees (charged when any transaction is processed outside of Australia)

0% fees when using the CryptoSpend card overseas


More Information


  • You can deposit Australian dollars (AUD) from your bank account into CryptoSpend via Pay ID or BSB and Account Number transfer. We do not charge any deposit fees for AUD deposits

  • First time AUD deposits can take up to 12-48 hours to arrive in your CryptoSpend wallet. Afterwards, it will be instantaneous via PayID

  • You can deposit crypto into CryptoSpend from another wallet or exchange. We do not charge any crypto deposit fees, you only need to cover the network/gas fees associated with the cryptocurrency

  • When depositing crypto into the CryptoSpend app, the displayed amount will have the 2-3% crypto-to-AUD transaction fee automatically applied, but the charge hasn't actually been applied yet. This is designed to make it more convenient and let you know exactly how much you have available to spend

  • Please ensure you are using the right network and have selected the right cryptocurrency. Double check the address and the format for crypto transfers. For XRP transfer, please use the destination tag provided in your CryptoSpend app


  • You can buy a variety of coins including two stable coins in USDT and USDC. Please note that you have to deposit funds into your account first before you can buy crypto. Please follow this guide to learn how you can buy crypto

  • We take 1-2% fee for buying crypto. You can review the rate before confirming the purchase


  • CryptoSpend takes a 2-3 % conversion fee on every card purchase you make with any cryptocurrencies

  • We do not take any fees when you spend Australian dollars

XRP Rewards

  • We do not charge any fees on your XRP rewards

  • Once you redeem your XRP rewards, you can spend your XRP, you can cash it out for AUD into your bank account or you can send the XRP to another wallet or exchange

Crypto Transfer

  • We do not charge any fees when you transfer crypto to another exchange or wallet. You only need to cover the gas/network fees that you can review before sending. Confirm the transaction if you are happy with the associated fees

  • Please check the transaction in the blockchain to track the progress of your transfer and be respective of network activity

AUD transfer

  • You can send AUD from your CS account to your own bank account via PayID or BSB and Account Number. We do not charge any fees on AUD transfer

  • The minimum transfer is $10 AUD and the maximum is $10,000 AUD

Cash Out

  • We take a 2-3% conversion fee when you cash out your crypto to AUD into your Aussie bank account

  • First time cash out can take up to 12-48 hours to arrive in your CryptoSpend wallet. Afterwards, it will be instantaneous

Card Fee

  • $14.99 AUD for physical card and card delivery

  • $0 AUD for digital card

  • $0 AUD for lost/stolen card replacement

  • $0 AUD for expired or invalid card

ATM Withdrawal

  • Zero fees from CryptoSpend when withdrawing funds from an ATM. You only have to the cover the fees associated with using the ATM

  • If you are withdrawing crypto to AUD, there is a 2-3 % conversion fee attached

International Foreign Exchange Fees

  • Zero foreign exchange fees, simply deposit your CryptoSpend card with funds and spend overseas at any merchant that accepts Visa

  • You can also withdraw funds from an ATM with zero fees from CryptoSpend!

We hope you found this guide helpful!
If you have any questions, feedback, or if you run into any issues, then feel free to contact us in the live-chat within the app or website! Our support team is available 24/7.

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