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Difference Between Segwit & Legacy Address For BTC, BCH & LTC Transfers
Difference Between Segwit & Legacy Address For BTC, BCH & LTC Transfers

Learn about the difference between Segwit and Legacy crypto addresses

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You might have noticed when you tried to deposit Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Litecoin (LTC) that there are two different addresses available for you to use. One says Segwit and the other Legacy, what is the difference you ask? Let's dive in!

For starters, these fancy names differentiate the format for the crypto address you are using. The Legacy address is the original format and the Segwit address is the newer address format that was created to lower fees. Therefore it is important to check and understand which format of crypto address does your exchange or wallet support when sending crypto to another exchange or wallet like CryptoSpend.

Let's do a recap.

Which address do I choose to send BTC, BCH or LTC into CryptoSpend?

The correct address you will need to use depend on the type of address your exchange or wallet supports. If you aren't sure, please contact the exchange or wallet support team to find out before sending BTC, BCH or LTC into CryptoSpend.

How Do We Tell Which Address Is Which?

  • For Bitcoin (BTC)

    • Segwit start with bc1

    • Legacy start with the number 1

  • For Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    • Segwit start with qq

    • Legacy start with the number 1

  • For Litecoin (LTC)

    • Segwit start with ltc1

    • Legacy start with L

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