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With the CryptoSpend Card, you'll be able to spend your crypto anywhere that accepts Visa! This includes in-store and online, Australia and overseas. We have prepared a visual guide to show you how you can order your CryptoSpend Card.

How to order the CryptoSpend Card

1. Tap on "Cards"

2. Tap "Order Physical Card"

3. Follow the prompts and type in the address you'd like your physical CryptoSpend Card to be sent to.

Delivery Status

Once you have completed the process, you will be able to see the delivery status.

Activate Card

When you have received your physical CryptoSpend Card in the mail, tap "Card Arrived?" and follow the prompts to activate your CryptoSpend Card.

This will involve typing in the last 6 digits of the physical card to confirm you've received it.

Order fee

There will be a $14.99 order fee for the physical CryptoSpend Card, which includes access to the digital CryptoSpend Cards through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Visit this article for more information on the Fees & Limits.

Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Once your CryptoSpend Card has been activated, you will be able to add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Choose which crypto to spend

You will be able to choose which cryptocurrency you would like to spend.

You will also be able to spend AUD.

Card Controls

  • Freeze Card allows you to halt all spending on your CryptoSpend Card in case you've lost it and want to prevent someone else from misusing it

  • Report lost or stolen card allows you to immediately notify us if you have lost your physical CryptoSpend Card or believe it has been stolen. In addition to the card being frozen from any further transactions, we will organise a new one to be sent to you.

We hope you found this guide helpful!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you run into any issues, then feel free to contact us in the live-chat within the app or website! Our local support team is available everyday, between 7am to 12am.

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